If you throw a birthday party and didn't have ice cream, did you really go to a birthday party?

Breyers Ice Cream is making sure that their birthday party has all the bells and whistles, or in this case, sprinkles and chocolate syrup this year. 

They are celebrating their 150th (WOW!) birthday today and all of New York City is invited.

Starting at 11 a.m. at Madison Square Park you get some free Breyers ice cream to celebrate 150 years of deliciousness.

The really big scoop? 

Well, imagine getting some ice cream from some chill celebs.

Allison Williams from Girls, Jaime Camil from Jane the Virgin and Kelly Rowland are all expected to be there along with some more "ice cream enthusiasts."

Which, by the way, what is that? Who isn't an ice cream enthusiast? What the hell does that even mean?!


You'll sing along while eating some ice cream and learn a thing or two about the company's long and rich history.


So, get on down to Madison Square Park and get ready for a birthday party that is gonna be absolutely insane and insanely delicious.

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[via DNAinfo] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]