Challenge Accepted: Wait, People Pouring Ice on Themselves Actually Did Some Good for ALS?

Remember those days when you couldn't log onto Facebook without being bombarded by a minimum of twenty ice bucket challenge videos?

Of course you do. 

The ice bucket challenge was a craze that was impossible to ignore, mainly because everyone was doing it. And we really do mean everyone.

From live challenges on Live With Kelly & Michael, to countless celebrities showing their support on Facebook and Instagram, the ice bucket challenge was everywhere.

But at least it was all for a positive cause.

If you weren't down to dump a bucket of ice water on your head, or were feeling both up for the dare and generous, you had to donate money to the ALS Association to fund research for ALS.

A phenomenon as enormous as the ice bucket challenge was sure to raise a sizable sum of money ― $115 million, to be exact.

Now that's a lot of money. Turns out all those shares, likes, and shout outs were well worth it, because it looks like all of that money actually made a difference, according to Thrillist.

In the largest study on ALS, Project MinE discovered a new gene that contributes to the development of ALS.


Not only did the money help this cause, but the awareness of ALS also helped researches find more people who inherited the disease to help them further their research.

This latest development will give researchers a better understanding of ALS and how it is passed down through generations.


A better understanding of the disease itself will help researchers hopefully find a more forceful treatment or therapy for those suffering from ALS.

Who knew a social media trend could actually lead to some positive change? 

[via Thrillist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] 

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