I Tried 8 Popular Liquid Lipsticks– Which Ones Are Worth the Hype?

If there’s any make-up trend that hit 2016 strong, and is still keeping current with 2017, that would be liquid lipstick.

Liquid lipstick is sort of like a little black dress; something a lot of people are eager to find, but often have trouble finding just the right one.

Luckily, there are a large variety of brands, both high-end and those on the cheaper side, that you can test out in your search for that perfect liquid lipstick. 

Just because you love having your lips on fleek, doesn't mean that your wallet has to be empty too.

To help you out in your search a little, here are 8 talked-about liquid lipsticks and my ratings, scaled from "Hype," "Okay," to "Nah."

1. NYX– Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick 


Rank: Okay

Extremely pigmented, fairly easy to apply, and definitely on the cheaper side (now retailing online for $4.20 from their former $7 a product), this particular NYX product is not bad as far as liquid lipsticks go. 


The formula is definitely slightly sticky and it’s not oil-proof or kiss-proof (as we all wish our liquid lipsticks could be), but if you’re looking for a nice range of colors– from your more typical shades of pinks and purple, to your more edgy colors like grey or blue– at a great price, then go ahead and try this one out.

2. Jeffree Star– Velour Liquid Lipstick


Rank: Okay

Jeffree Star is definitely a name known in the beauty community (for different reasons, depending on who you ask…), but as far as his liquid lipsticks go, I have a mixed review on them. 

On the positive side, they are highly pigmented, you can get a lot of product with one swipe, as opposed to some brands where you have to keep dunking into the tube to get any product. There’s also a great range of colors (from your standard reds and pinks to crazier shades like white or green). 

However, the formula is so liquid-y that it can be a little tricky to apply the product on your lip line, the product is definitely not kiss or food-proof (there will definitely be some smudging if you aren’t careful), and the product retails for $18 so it’s a little on the pricier side. 

If you’re really interested in trying out this product, I would recommend asking a friend to get you this product as a gift, rather than buying it yourself.

3. Sephora– Cream Lip Stain


Rank: Hype

Like the name entails, it's a lip-staining product, but one that's highly pigmented, feels light, and will definitely last you for a few hours with no problem. 

The price is fairly good ($14, a steady compromise between drugstore and high-end), it’s fairly easy to apply, and there’s a nice range of colors, so I would recommend going ahead and trying out this lip product.

4. Kat Von D– Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

Rank: Okay

Kat Von D liquid lipsticks are extremely pigmented, come in a great range of colors (think vampy purples and navy blue), and like all of Kat Von D products are animal-friendly and vegan. 

However, the liquid lipstick is extremely drying; your lips will definitely need a little after-care at the end of the day. In my experience, they also have a tendency for crumbling or caking up on the inner lip line. 

So Kat Von D, as much as I love her style and her other cosmetic products, rates as a so-so on the liquid lipstick scale; especially considering the feel of the lipstick and the price-tag ($20).

5. Giorgio Armani– Lip Magnet

Rank: Nah

The price tag for this one (retailing for $38) definitely made my eyes bug out a little when I heard about this product, and made me wonder if the product could possibly be worth the price; and to be honest, I don’t think it is.

Although the packaging is beautiful, like most Armani products are, the applicator is extremely small, at least compared to the majority of liquid lipsticks, and can make application tricky. 

And while it’s true that the product feels very light, unlike a lot of liquid lipsticks that can feel overly thick and heavy, the product looks more like a lip stain than an actual lipstick. 

The shades offered are very pretty, but this product is definitely not worth the price whether you’re looking for a liquid lipstick or simply a lip-staining product.

6. Beauty Bakerie– Lip Whips


Rank: Okay

The minute I heard about this company, and especially when I saw what their liquid lipsticks products looked like, I had to try this out. 

The packaging, like the name, is extremely adorable with a frosted-glass looking container that resembles swirls you see on frosting on fancy cakes, and the company has a great selection of colors for all skin-tones. Plus, the product is fairly smudge-proof (not oil-proof though). 

However, the product is extremely drying (if you are worried about your lips looking wrinkled, then this product is probably not for you) and can be a little tricky to remove. Like the Jeffree Star velour liquid lipsticks, these products are also a little pricey ($20).

7. Colourpop– Ultra Matte Lip


Rank: Okay

Colourpop is a buzzed about name in the beauty community and for a few good reasons; the price of their products is pretty great (their liquid lipsticks retail for $6, not including shipping and handling fees), and the liquid lipstick, once dried down, stays on fairly well throughout the day. It's not oil-proof, but can withstand you eating and drinking a little throughout the day.


However, the product is extremely drying and can make your lips feel slightly stiff. I would recommend buying one Colourpop product, then if you don’t mind the feel of the product, going ahead and getting more.

8. Wet n Wild– MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick


Rank: Hype

Like the Armani liquid lipstick, the price for this product completely shocked me, but in the exact opposite way. Drum roll please: $4.99.

This particular lip product is extremely pigmented (although the darker shades like Video Vixen or Goth Topic, in my opinion, have a little bit of a streaky formula), doesn’t feel overly drying, and is fairly kiss and somewhat oil-proof– the only one on this list, actually. 

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