Brooklyn. The final frontier.

When you live in New York City you'll notice pretty quickly that you can see and do just about everything. That feeling eventually evaporates when you drunkenly look up into the night sky and ask yourself, "Where are all the shiny stars, man?"

You start to wonder what else you can't see and begin to have a existential crisis right there. Asking what else is out there is a question everyone has asked, and although we may never know what is truly out there, we now have a chance to experience it all in a whole new way.

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival will premier The Hubble Cantata, a live free event that blends a musical event worthy of Carnegie Hall with a 360-degree sound system and a Virtual Reality experience that will take you into the cosmos.

Kinda hard to wrap your head around all that right? Trust us, it's easier to understand this event than it is that the universe is ginormous and that we are nothing compared to it and human existence is generally meaningless and you live and die alone. 

Basically, it's a one-hour event that will blow your mind and make you question practically everything. There will be a 20-piece ensemble accompanied by a 100-person choir and two Met Opera stars, so you already know the music will leave you in tears.

You'll see photo-realistic images of the Hubble come to life by the great folks who helped create the intense visuals for Neil deGrasse Tyson's Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey.

Towards the end of the performance, audience members will be able to to experience Virtual Reality in an incredibly exciting and free way. You'll be able to go through Orion Nebula in the short film Fistful of Stars which you can get on the dedicated app that will accompany the show.


You just have to download the app for free about a week before the performance, and you'll get a cardboard VR headgear before the show. Then you'll get to experience space like you have never have with 6,000 other voyagers.

Although there is no sound in space, you'll be able to hear the music and sounds of the Hubble via a 360 sound setup that enhances your experience of drifting in the cosmos.


The Hubble Cantata is set to take place on August 6th the Prospect Park Bandshell. 

This is an incredible event that will take virtual reality to the next level. The creators wish to give VR to the public and use it for teaching, art and science. You can donate to the project here and find more information about the event here.

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[via Kickstarter] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]