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This Live Music Bar Will Make You Fall in Love With Midtown All Over Again

If we told you that you were going to have the absolute time of your life in Midtown, would you even believe us?

Well, it's true. It's going down at Howl at the Moon, and it's basically like a bar and a concert hall threw a party, drank a bucket of booze, and made a baby.  

Well, that baby's taken up residence in Midtown, and it's throwing down four nights a week with a live band, insane dancing, bangin' food, and yeah, buckets of booze. 

The best part, though, are the 100 free parties they're giving away exclusively for spoiled NYC readers. 

Seriously, it's a high-energy spot, so come wearing your dancing hat. If you don't have a dancing hat--good. Dancing hats are weird unless you're Pharrell, so come wearing your dancing shoes. 

The best part, though, are the free parties exclusively for spoiled NYC readers. Howl at the Moon is giving away 100 of 'em. These parties include exclusive drink specials, drink tickets, and a deliciously free appetizer buffet for you and all of your party people.

This place doesn't leave you at the mercy of a mediocre band. Their wildly talented live band takes requests, so if there's something you're dying to get down to, write it on a request slip. Chances are better than good that the band can absolutely kill it-- as long as it fits the vibe of the party. 

So if you're trying to follow up, say, "Lady Marmalade" with some funky, busted Cyndi Lauper slow jam, chances are good that it won't go as well as you'd hope. 

Every evening, Howl at the Moon's band plays anything from classic rock to hip-hop, to R&B and top 40 pop charts. 

howlatthemoon It's Thursday! That's basically the weekend. Lets pack the stage tonight! Photo credit @hatmnyc

It's not the same groove every night. It's an entirely different show every single time so you can expect a uniquely rowdy party every time you walk through the door.

Also, the place is huge. They have two ginormous dance floors, so while they definitely attract a rockstar-sized party, you'll have plenty of space to bust a move. Or just jump around like a maniac. We don't judge.

You want to win a free party, don't you? You love buffets of food, live music, and delicious drinks, right? Of course you do. That's not even a real question. You can enter to win one of the 100 free parties here

In the meantime, start rounding up all your friends. Midtown's about to be great again.

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[Feature Image Courtesy The Odyssey Online] 

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