We all know rent is way too high in New York City, it's a well known fact.

These days you're lucky if you can actually secure yourself a shoe box apartment that doesn't also feature a sizable roach motel.

Of course, there are times when we could just break free from the hold NYC has on us and move somewhere where our rent will get us so much more than our closet sized apartment.

RentCafe recently put together a model that shows how much $1,500/month rent will get you in the 30 most populous cities in the US.

Memphis, TN comes in first place in terms of most bang for your bucket. $1,500/month will get you nearly 2,000 square feet! That's practically a McMansion to a New Yorker.

Not surprisingly, our beloved city came in dead last when it comes to what you're getting for your hard earned dollar.

According to RentCafe's soul crushing number crunch, NYC, $1,500/month will get you approximately 271 square feet. Which, if you're currently renting in NYC, sounds like it makes sense.


San Francisco and Boston come in close behind NYC, with 342 and 399 square feet, respectively, which still gives them an almost 100-square-foot advantage.

This new data has us asking ourselves whether it's worth it to pack up and head out if it means we can have all that square footage to ourselves, not to mention plenty of other amenities, and maybe even a backyard.

But at the end of the day, we'll likely remain stuck here in the city, hoping desperately that these insane rents finally break and make our lives a whole lot easier.

Of course, with that being highly unlikely, it might make a bit more sense to squad up, so to speak, and find a roommate. A good one. And good roommates are hard to come by. That’s not a joke. That’s why there’s Roomi.


Roomi is the free app that helps you afford living in a city you can’t on your own. Download Roomi, and find a roommate that’s actually good for you.

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[via Rent Cafe] [Feature Image Courtesy Rent Cafe]