Not hitting a six-figure income yet?

No worries, fam. Neither are we. 

But if we did, apparently we would reach our "peak happiness"...whatever that means in this city. 

A new study from Gallup and Time found that New Yorkers reached peak happiness at an income of $105,000.

Our friends in Philly, Seattle, and L.A. also have the same happiness baseline as us, while residents of Atlanta only need an income of $42,000 to hit their peak happiness levels. 

I bet it doesn't cost $121.00 for an unlimited MetroCard in Atlanta though. #NewYorkerProblemz

According to the study, the chances of smiling and laughing increase with household income, but it caps off at a certain number. Anything beyond that still won't resolve your existential crises.


So, the moral of the story is this: money can buy happiness—only a certain amount of happiness, but happiness nonetheless. 

The next time you hear "there is a Brooklyn-bound train one station away" and you're contemplating throwing yourself into the tracks, just remember: you're only this suicidal because your boss denied your raise request. 


Until we reach that magic 105k, we'll just count on happy hours to stay mentally stable. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Time Out NY]