How Far Will You Go This Summer? 10 Bold Travel Ideas for Your Bucket List ✈️🌍🌏

As spring comes to a close, you may be asking yourself where you can go to escape the heat and smells of New York City this summer. But have you ever thought about just how far you would go to make it happen? 

We’re not just talking about distance, either. In a city filled with movers and shakers, every New Yorker knows sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone and take a leap of faith in order to make your dreams a reality - whether it’s conquering your fears, or checking an item off of your bucket list. 

As the saying goes, “fortune favors the brave” and this bold spirit is what inspired G Adventures to ask: How far will you go to win the ultimate adventure for you and a friend? Would you cut off your hair for charity? Lick a subway pole? Date someone from another borough? 

Well, you might want to give this some thought, because G Adventures is running a big travel contest this month that will give the winner and a friend the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime worth more than $15,000 USD.

It’s G Adventures’ biggest trip giveaway yet, and it’s live from now through June 29th. So whether you’re envisioning of an exotic beach vacation in Sri Lanka, a dreamy desert escape in Egypt, or an icy expedition in Antarctica, you’ll want to muster up some courage and get ready to go farther for the chance to experience one of these bucket-list worthy places or your dream destination this year. 

Sri Lanka


The list starts off with Sri Lanka, located off the coast of India. From its lush forests teeming with wildlife to its quaint hill towns and sandy beaches, it’s not hard to see why this island oasis makes the cut.

To experience the best of Sri Lanka from both land and sea, you can't go wrong with a sailing trip along the southern coast. You’ll have the chance to visit the historic port city of Galle, snorkel at remote beaches, explore the ancient rock fortress Sigiriya, and catch a glimpse of marine life, like whales and dolphins, along the way.


Looking for the perfect place to unwind? Well then say “goodbye” to the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle and “aloha” to Hawaii. This tropical paradise lets you swap out the cement sidewalks and towering skyscrapers for beautiful sandy beaches, soaring mountains and all sorts of natural wonders. 

Whether you’re looking to hike up an active volcano, soak up some sun at Waikiki Beach, or throw on a grass skirt and learn to hula at a luau, you’ll find the ultimate mix of adventure and laid back island vibes.

The Baltics


If you’re looking to do something different in Europe this summer, put the Baltics on your bucket list. This underrated region, which encompasses Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, is a hidden gem that has castles, whimsical forests, and a rich history dating all the way back to the middle ages. 

You can live like a local in rural Estonia, cycle along coastal dunes in Lithuania, travel back in time at Tallinn’s medieval old town, and explore Riga’s castles and art district.



From its captivating cities, gorgeous vineyards, golden beaches and sunny weather, it’s not hard to see why Portugal makes a great European getaway. 

Lisbon is home to pretty pastel colored buildings and a vibrant pink street that doubles as the perfect backdrops for your Instagram feed. Plus, don’t even get us started on all of the dreamy gardens and gorgeous palaces tucked away in Sintra. 



For an exotic vacation that’s full of color, make your way to Morocco. This place has everything from majestic mountains and ancient cities to bustling souks, sand dunes and a unique blend of cultures that are sure to captivate every type of explorer. 

You can wander through old medinas, ride a camel through the Sahara, snap selfies in the blue city of Chefchaouen, trek along the canyons of Todra Gorge and visit a magnificent mud-brick city in the High Atlas Mountains. 


Located on the eastern side of the Arabian Peninsula, Oman strikes the perfect chord between adventure and luxury. Between its desert sand dunes, archaeological wonders, glamourous beaches, and opulent architecture, this place is nothing short of magical. 

You can scope out the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, visit the city of Muscat, swim in a wadi, take on the dunes of the Wahiba Sands desert, and witness green turtles nesting in Ras al Jinz.



From its beautiful beaches and sprawling deserts, to its fascinating museums, towering pyramids and ancient tombs, Egypt has long since been a great destination for adventurers and history buffs alike. 

You can take an epic journey back to ancient times as you admire the Pyramids of Giza, visit the highly anticipated Grand Egyptian Museum, make your way through the Valley of Kings, go on safari in the Sahara, and embrace your inner-pharaoh as you sail a felucca down the Nile.



Venture off the beaten path and onto the ancient silk road in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan is a country of unspoiled beauty and that’s a dream come true for anyone who craves fresh air and outdoor adventures. 

Get a taste of Kyrgyzstan’s nomadic culture by trekking to a stunning alpine lake in the Tien Shan mountains, riding horses through the rolling grass plains and sleeping under the stars in a traditional yurt. You might even discover that this thing is bigger than your studio apartment. 



Are you sick and tired of dirty, crowded subway cars and train delays? Then maybe it’s time to trade in your Metrocard for a plane ticket to Bolivia. 

Make a pit stop in La Paz for a next-level subway ride through the sky. Then continue on to the infamous Salar de Uyuni, a sprawling, bright-white salt flat covered with a mirror-like lake that serves as the perfect spot to snap some photos that will give your friends a serious case of vacation envy.  



From cities teeming with art and culture, to sunny Carribean beaches, Amazonian landscapes, and ancient ruins, Colombia offers all sorts of exciting experiences that will inspire you to push your boundaries. 

You can marvel at the street art in Medellín, wander through Cartagena’s historic old town, make your own coffee in Salento, soak up the sun on Carribean beaches, and embark on an epic journey to the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada. 

If you ask us, there’s no better time to push past your boundaries and experience the thrill of something new. To enter the G Adventures’ travel contest, simply snap a picture or record a 30-second video, provide the backstory of what you’re doing, and then post it on their contest page

The contest closes on June 29, 2018 at 11:59PM EST, so you better start thinking about just how far you’ll go to win the trip of a lifetime. Good luck!

[Feature Image Courtesy Hamza Butt] 

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