Just as flights out of New York City have plunged to an all-time low, staying in NYC just got extremely appealing too.

No, the weather around this time of year isn't that enticing as that also plummeted pretty hard as of late, but no matter how cold it is here, NYC is still the greatest city in the world.

Since it's Hotel Week this week, which means you can book a hotel room for as little as $100, it's a pretty good week to visit.

If you were looking for that little extra push, that little sign that coming to visit in NYC is the right thing to do, this is definitely it, especially if you come to the land of art and culture, tall buildings and really great concerts between January 3rd and January 15th.

We're not talking low-grade hotels, either. The hotels offering this deal are some of NYC's fanciest, swankiest, and most sought after. We're talking the Gansevoort Hotel, The Ludlow, and The Maritime. These are some of NYC's A-list places to lay your hat down, and they're slicing their prices this winter.

Does this deal sound too good to take? Well, Hotel Week came about for a reason.

"I started Hotel Week because hotels typically see a huge occupancy dip in January," Nancy Friedman, President of NJFPR told Artinfo. "Five years later, guests use it for post-holiday recuperation. Why wouldn't they? It costs less than a Broadway show."

So here are our thoughts on the situation: Yes, it's freezing in NYC this time of year. Still, if you come to NYC in frigid January and stay at a fancy hotel for Hotel Week, you'll be able to afford your room and all the activities you want to cross off your list. Broadway shows included.


Even locals can check out this deal. You'll be in the freezing weather anyway, so why not drop a minimal amount of bills to be pampered in style this January?

Really, you could do worse than a roaring fireplace, room service, specialty cocktails, and fresh sheets, couldn't you? Read on to learn about some of the top hotels participating in Hotel Week, and how to book them.

But for the other 51 weeks out of the year, if you're looking to save money on a hotel room you only need for the day, Hotels By Day is the move. If you need a landing spot, a quick escape, or much-needed recuperation in the late morning, Hotels By Day has more than got you covered. 

1. Cosmopolitan Hotel (95 West Broadway)

fuschiadreamr Much needed

Room rate: $100. Book online with code HOTELWEEK or call +1 888-895-9400 and mention Hotel Week. 

2. Gansevoort Meatpacking (18 9th Avenue)

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Room rate: $200. Book online with code HWP or call +1 212-206-6700 and mention Hotel Week.

3. The Ludlow (180 Ludlow Street)

tuchuzystore Buyers diary | Morning office in the lower east side. #theludlow #nyc #buyersdiary #tuchuzy

Room rate: $200. Book online with code HOTELWEEKNYC or call +1 212-432-1818 and mention Hotel Week.

4. Pod 39 Hotel (145 East 39th Street)

nicolesthename It's so different visiting New York on a business trip than living here, but I'm so thankful for being back and working. Also this is the roof of my hotel where we are currently working to make some videos happen tonight after two swanky events. I could hardly ask for better circumstance 🙌🏼 #pod39 #pod39hotel #nyc #werk #littleworkthings #ceainnovate #cea #cehalloffame #travel

Room rate: $100. Call +1 212-865-5700 and mention Hotel Week.

5. The Maritime (363 West 16th Street)

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Room rate: $200. Book online with code HOTELWEEK or call +1 212-242-4300 and mention Hotel Week.

6. Gansevoort Park Avenue (420 Park Avenue South)

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Room rate: $200. Book online with code HWP or call +1 877-830-9889 and mention Hotel Week.

7. Refinery Hotel (63 West 38th Street)

refineryhotel Words of wisdom, with a side of Refinery Times. Photo by @whittylou7. #refineryhotel #refinerytimes

Room rate: $200. Book online with code HOTELWEEK or call +1 646-664-0310 and mention Hotel Week.

8. Hotel Giraffe (365 Park Avenue South)

hotelgiraffe Thank you ReviewPro for rating the #libraryhotelcollection as the best performing Small Luxury Brand! We couldn't be more proud! Thank you to our guests for the phenomenal reviews that made it so! #BookLHC #Hotelgiraffe #nyc http://www.theluxurylisting.com/new-survey-on-worlds-most-popular-luxury-hotel-brands-for-2015-released/

Room rate: $200. Book online with code HOTELWEEK or call +1 212-685-7700 and mention Hotel Week.

9. Library Hotel (299 Madison Avenue)

libraryhotel With 2016 right around the corner, why not treat yourself to a stay at the Library Hotel? Starting Friday, November 27th at 12AM EST until Monday, November 30th at 11:59PM EST, book your 2016 stay and receive a discount of 22% off as well as a complimentary signature Library Hotel tote bag! Keep in mind that some restrictions may apply and the tote bag will be limited to one (1) reservation only; one (1) tote per room. To access the promotion this Friday, click here: http://bit.ly/1NNjDks or call us at 212-983-4500. #booklover #libraryhotel #blackfriday #cybermonday #NYC #BookLHC

Room rate: $200. Book online with code HOTELWEEK or call +1 212-983-4500 and mention Hotel Week.

10. Hotel Elysee (60 East 54th Street)

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Room rate: $200. Book online with code HOTELWEEK or call +1 212-753-1066 and mention Hotel Week.

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[via Artinfo] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]