New York City is home to many amazing restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions. It's pretty much a mecca for quality... unless you consider the subway, which is seriously lacking. 

Our hotels are pretty amazing. One of them is so amazing, in fact, that travel website, TripAdvisor, just awarded it with the coveted title of "Top Hotel in the U.S."

The Sherry-Netherland Hotel in Midtown was crowned the best hotel in the United States, with the Casablanca Hotel Times Square coming in 10th. 

We're not incredibly surprised that The Sherry-Netherland Hotel was named the top overall hotel in the U.S. 

For one, it's a beautiful establishment with classic charm, having been built in 1927. 

For another, it's overlooking Central Park. 


We don't even want to know how much the rooms overlooking Central Park cost (you have to call for pricing and booking of a suite with Central Park views) when the regular "City-view Suites" cost $1,149 a night. 

Just looking for a regular old room? How about dishing out between $439 and $549 a night? 

evergreene_arch_arts Chilly weather outside means it's time to cozy up in some of #NYC's finest #interiors! @TheSherryNYC, one the corner of Central Park, was restored in 2014. The lobby ceilings are adorned with gorgeous Neo-Classical style murals painted in 1927 by NY #artist Joseph Aruta! #restoration #interiordesign #sherrynetherland #fineart #mural #conservation

Granted, if we could afford to stay there for one night, we'd probably tell you that the impeccable service, cleanliness, and professionalism is more than worth the price. 

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[via NBC New York] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]