We all know and love a good bacon, egg and cheese. It's such a staple in a New Yorker's diet that it is often recognized as only one word, baconeggandcheese. 

But a hot dog, egg and cheese? We're skeptical. 

Yes, we're talking about a sandwich with sliced up hot dogs as a main ingredient.

These "salchichas tortas" are apparently a common menu item at several Mexican and Mexican-American eateries. They're also, apparently, surprisingly delicious. 

The sandwiches are commonly found with egg and cheese, among other ingredients, giving off major breakfast sandwich vibes. We're not one to crave hot dogs first thing in the morning.

However, the sandwiches are also made with salchichas as the star. East Harlem restaurant Delicias Mexicanas offers it with black beans, avocado, white cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, and jalapenos. 

Okay, that actually sounds like it has potential.

Here's a full list of restaurants where you can find this unique sandwich, if you dare.


Taqueria El Gallo Azteca (75 Victory Blvd - Staten Island)

Casa Chonita (490 Broadway - Staten Island)

San Miguel (680 Cary Avenue - Staten Island)

Don Pepe Tortas Y Jugos (3908 5th Avenue - Brooklyn)

Delicias Mexicanas (2109 3rd Avenue)

Taqueria Coatzingo (7605 Roosevelt Avenue - Queens)

Tortas Neza (96-15 Roosevelt Avenue - Queens)

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