There is definitely no shortage of whimsy among New York City's social scene. 

We've recently learned of the new Beetlejuice-themed bar coming to the East Village, and we didn't really think it could get any weirder than that. 

Oh, but it can.

This past weekend, a new hospital-themed bar opened up in NYC, and we're equal parts confused and interested. 

The Lower East Side establishment, called Sanatorium (appetizing), is courtesy of NYC barman Albert Trummer, who was also responsible for the pharmacy-themed bar, Apotheke

We're sensing a theme here...

Sanatorium will feature green walls, surgical light fixtures, cocktails involving herbal elixirs, and shots served in syringes. 


It's a pretty cool idea, but we're not sure how long it will take for the novelty of it to wear off. 

But for now, it's definitely worth checking out. So grab your friends, order a round of syringes, and cheers to good health (literally). 

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[via NY Eater] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]