For those of you who, like me, are looking to upgrade from the all too familiar haunted house experience, here's something that could be a bit more convincing.

The NYC Horror Show created by Timothy Haskell, "This is Real," is by no means a haunted house. This is a horrifying test of your instinctive survivor skills. For any of you who have participated in Escape Rooms, hopefully you've acquired a few skills that could be of use.  

Kidnapped and locked in a Red Hook warehouse, you will be tied up, and made to watch as some unknown, psychopathic, killer attacks and kills your fellow participants! 

The object of the entire twisted game is simply to use any means possible to make your big escape before you fall victim to your kidnapper... you'll even have to find your way home without any subway transportation nearby, so hopefully you're ready to think on your feet. 

Will you decide to risk your safety to save the other victims? Whether or not you partake in such teamwork efforts is entirely up to you. So this is also a prime opportunity to see how much your alleged "loved ones" actually love you.


I think we can assume that plenty of true colors will shine through. 

Now is your chance to NOT make all the typical wrong decisions that characters in horror movies tend to make. For all the times you've yelled at your television set giving survival advice as if anyone can hear you... let's see how you fend under some real pressure.  

This is Real

Only eight players can participate at once, weekday tickets are $95 and weekends are $110, per person. Get your tickets here!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy ThisIsReal]