Because the Best Drinks in Life Are Absolutely Free, There's HOOCH

We've all been experienced it: friend from out of town comes to visit us in The Big Apple, we take them out to a bar, they glance at the cocktail menu and promptly have a heart attack at the sight of a $16 gin & tonic. 

However, the shock of such overpriced beverages has long worn off for you, having grown accustomed to the city and all its financial absurdity. That doesn't make it any less frustrating, though. You'd much prefer not draining half your bank account on a single night out. 

You'd also like to feel like the swanky New Yorker you know you are in your soul, despite the fact that you recently scoured the sidewalk for laundry day quarters. 

Well with HOOCH, these dreams can become a reality. 

HOOCH is the only cocktail subscription app that gives you VIP access to tons of NYC bars, all for just $9.99/month (less than the price of a single cocktail).

HOOCH is the app that gives you VIP access to tons of NYC bars, all for just $9.99/month (less than the price of a single cocktail). Of course, you can enjoy your first month for only $1 using the invite code "spoiled."

Every single day, HOOCH gets you one high-end cocktail, from a variety of bars in NYC and beyond, completely on the house. All you have to do is check the app and pick the bar closest to you. 

Granted, it might seem like you're leaving an awful lot up to chance by opening an app and going to some random bar close to you. NYC's a crapshoot. It's hit and miss. 


But HOOCH doesn't send you to just any bar in town. These bars are all hand-picked, unique spots that you might not have gotten around to yet, your friends have probably never heard of, and are completely worth sticking around for more than just that first free drink. 

With HOOCH you can snag free cocktails from classy and decidedly delicious joints like No. 8, Bespoke Kitchen, Beautique, and The Boil, to name a few. 

You'll never have to spend time trolling Yelp for the "best" spots again, and what's more, you'll be scoring a drink on the house like a regular (or if the idea of being a "regular" at a bar makes you question your life choices, drink up, or think of it more like you're drinking like a VIP). 

And as you know, once you're offered one free drink, you're more likely to be offered another. And another. Especially if you're a lady (sorry, gents). It's science. 

You can even use HOOCH while you're traveling. Heading to LA, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, Miami, or HONG KONG?! Done. You're golden. Simply pull up the app, and it'll show you bars nearby where you can saddle up for a tasty AF cocktail. 


Simply put, NYC's bar scene is too saturated with bars serving watered-down, overpriced cocktails. You literally cannot afford to waste your time or money on them. Sometimes you just need someone to take you by the hand, put a drink in it, and show you the way.

So, stop wasting precious time scouring the internet for the coolest new bars, and stop wasting precious money once you finally get there.

Download HOOCH now, enjoy your first month for only $1 using the invite code "spoiled," and start living life like the VIP you and your mom know you're meant to be. 

Check out How You Can Get a Free Cocktail Every Single Day with the HOOCH App Right Here. 

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