2016 took many beloved public figures from us, but none seemed as universally crushing as Carrie Fisher's passing.

Fisher was sharp, witty writer, a vocal mental health advocate, and of course, she was also our princess. 

Her role in so many people's lives varied so widely, and the tributes to her reflect that. There has been an outpouring on social media, lightsaber vigils both IRL and virtual, and more celebrations of her incredible life.

NYC's own Champion Pizza will be paying their respects to Fisher in yet another unique, yet appropriate way– with free pizza.

For the rest of today, Friday, December 30th, if you visit the SoHo pizzeria dressed as Princess Leia (We're hoping they're also including General Organa), you'll receive a whole pizza pie.

As reported by FoodandWine, oener Hakki Akdeniz projects he'll be giving away nearly 10,000 slices before the promotion ends.

Akdeniz was inspired to bring Star Wars fans together, knowing that the series holds a special place in many people's hearts.


A Turkish immigrant, Akdeniz reminisced about how he learned to speak English while he watched the original Star Wars trilogy. He also made Fisher herself pizza once in 2005, when he was working at a pizzeria in Times Square.

So start twisting your hair up into buns– or pay a visit to that one friend of yours that goes to Comic Con every year, and stop by Champion Pizza, at 17 Cleveland Pl, to pay your respects to the princess.

[via foodandwine] [Feature Image Courtesy TheDailyBeast]