Hip hop and New York City have an unbreakable bond. 

While it has become a global phenomenon, hip hop was born here. It lives here. But where, exactly?

Hip hop heads are used to hearing A Tribe Called Quest shout out Queens, Jay-Z talk about the Marcy Projects in BK, or Immortal Technique represent Harlem. 

But have you ever seen a map of hip hop?

Thanks to the lovely folks at Charts and Maps, now you can. The map won't tell you anything you don't already know if you're a serious head, but it is always nice to see things represented visually.

Now of course the majority of artists we see on the map come from South Bronx and Brooklyn. But each of the five boroughs are represented here. 

Even Kuris Blow is the farthest outlier on the map. If they'd included New Jersey we'd also have Wycleff Jean and Lauryn Hill, but where do you draw the line?



via Brooklyn Magazine

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[via Brooklyn Magazine] [Feature Image Courtesy Brooklyn Magazine]