Another museum added to NYC, and one we'll actually want to go to!

Now New Yorkers will actually be interested in the history while walking though a museum.

The agenda of the upcoming Hip Hop Hall of Fame is to educate the world of the many people and talents that have helped shape the hip hop genre.

The Hip Hop Hall of Fame museum is expected to open this February, in Harlem. 

It'll also be home to a café gallery, a gift shop, and a visitor's bureau.

To stand out from other NYC museums, this new museum will provide a educational program to allow schools to take kids on field trips to visit the museum.

It's always a good idea for children to get into art and music. For creativity purposes of course!


So far, the exact location for the museum has not been revealed, but as reported by Fact Mag, 125th Street is where its at!

A Hip Hop museum in NYC is long overdue, don't you think? Seeing as though this is the city where hip hop began.


Get ready to see your favorite hip hop legends.

[via FactMag] [Feature Image Courtesy Vibe]