Set aside a weekend in your summer planner because The Hills of Governors Island are finally here.

We've been teased with sneak peeks of The Hills, a 10-acre park located on Governors Island, for a while now.

While Governors Island is officially open to the public, The Hills won't be opened up until July 19th.

Why should you be stoked for July 19th? The Hills has four slopes, all featuring incredible views of our favorite New York City sights, from the Statue of Liberty, to our beloved lower-Manhattan skyline. 

There's even a picnicking area perfect for your summer-themed Instagram.

The most exciting thing about The Hills? One of the slopes, Slide Hill, will feature the longest slide in New York City at an astounding 57 feet long and 3 stories tall!

First, a sick glow-in-the-dark water slide, now the longest slide in the city?! 

New Yorkers are pretty... erm... spoiled when it comes to everybody's favorite playground past time.


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[via Gothamist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]