We're. So. Close. Guys. 

So close to being done with this election.

We're not even going to start this with a hyperbolic statement about how weird and apocalyptic this cycle has been, because we're also too tired to do that.

Regardless of who you're supporting, considering both of their historical unpopularity, you've gotta admit it's not a fantastic selling point for New York City that both candidates are New York-based.

On election night, both Trump and Clinton are going to take in the results in NYC– so Clinton will be here on November 8th, and Trump, on November 28th (we're sorry, we'll let it go).

Anyway, if you're #withher ("I Guess" or otherwise), Hillary will be at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, which we are now convinced was built in 1986 solely for the first female president to win an election under a literal glass ceiling.

We mean, we don't know what's gonna happen! It's anybody's race!

But seriously, jury's out on whether she'll appear at the Javits Center by crashing a helicopter through the roof. Just a suggestion, Clinton campaign, if you're reading this.


Clinton will be speaking, along with her running mate and the patron saint of dads, Tim Kaine. As reported by Time Out, it's open to the public and you can RSVP to attend here


No one knows where Trump and Pence (unless he escapes) will be for election night yet, but we're gonna bet it's gonna be a building with his name on it. Just a guess.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]