Celebrities... they're just like us.

Isn't it good to know that we aren't the only ones who struggle with the MTA during our daily commutes?

As part of her campaign in New York State, Hillary Clinton decided to take a little subway jaunt this morning in the Bronx. 

That is, until the turnstile refused to give her access. 

In this hilarious video, Clinton is seen swiping several times before finally being allowed through. #strugglebus

After powering through her MTA obstacle, however, she apparently was fed up with mass transit, only riding the subway one stop. 

If a simple MetroCard fumble is enough to discourage her, we doubt she'd be able to handle the massive amounts of delays and other headaches that New Yorkers deal with on a daily basis.

But it's good that she likes it for the convenience...


[via CBS] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]