This is how the High Line stays on top. Need a spot for that date? Just want to walk around and take in the views? Really want to people watch? It seems that the High Line is perfect park for all of these and then some.

It's pretty amazing how the High Line can satisfy anyone's need for a park effortlessly, but now there is another need that is completely filled at the High Line.

We are talking about late night shenanigans of course.

On July 21st, the High Line will be open an hour later featuring illuminating lanterns that will provide a new light for dancers, performers and DJs.

The event is called Up Late and it is sure to make you wanna visit the famed park. 

You might be very familiar with the High Line already, but we guarantee you or anyone you might bring there has never seen it like this.

While you're taking that date for a lovely stroll you'll also be surrounded by performers who are sure to mesmerize you. 

Get ready to also have a dance party at the famed park as the DJs are sure to put on a Hell of a show as well.


The High Line already gives us so much and it feels like it doesn't even ask for anything in return. We guess our constant shower of love makes up for the lack of actual physical gifts.


Kudos to you, High Line. You just keep doing it bigger and bigger.

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[via The High Line] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]