An Apple a Day! Highlights From Brooklyn's Epic Apple Cider Festival

A cider a day keeps the doctor away. 

That's the saying, right? Well it was at Brooklyn's Pour the Core event.

Pour the Core is an annual event that popped into Brooklyn's Expo Center bringing purveyors of apple cider from across America- and other places around the world.

When we walked into the "fest", we were immediately greeted by some adorable tasting glasses with their fun logo, probably provided by Woodchuck Cider, since their name was also listed.

More importantly, they were marked with a line that measured 2 ounces as each booth imposed a limit on sample sizes. Unlike beer, most cideries sample from bottles so small samples are more necessary.

Plus, smaller sized samples mean more opportunity to taste even more flavors.

The big recognizable names like Strongbow, Magners and Woodchuck were ever-present, with Strongbow headlining. They had a VIP section full of tables with gold apples, candy, and a DJ spinning tunes. And they debuted two new flavors, Orange Blossom and Cherry Blossom.

And what would a cider festival be without Angry Orchard? They're booth featured some variety of dry to sweet and even a honey flavor which was amazing. And Stella Artois showed up all other booths with a trailer of their own.


Other interesting flavors included some mixed berry varieties, watermelon, passionfruits and more.

And with drinking had to come some bites. Interspersed between booths were Wisconsin cheeses, jerky, giant cookies and even some other drinks like sparkling water and kombucha for the health nuts.

And then there was the veritable playground outside. Giant Jenna, giant Connect Four and beanbag tosses. And next to that were two food trucks for your drunken eating needs- in case snacks weren't enough.

And if you didn't get your fill at the event, there was an option to buy some of your favorite flavors or even attend another event in another city. For other dates, check out their website, and definitely look into the vendors if you're looking to get your cider on this summer. 

[Feature Image Courtesy Pour The Core]

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