Ugh, adulting. 

Can't we just go back to the sandbox, eat undercooked Easy-Bake Oven brownie batter, and forget about the cruelty of the real world? 

Unfortunately, no; we're stuck with a job that barely pays the bills, jobs that barely pay them, terrible tinder dates, and an inability to afford Broadway tickets for incredible shows.  

Unlike us, 1,300 lucky kids from New York City public schools and city schools boss' Carmen Fariña snagged free tickets to see the hit show, Hamilton, at Richard Rodgers Theatre. 

Thanks to a program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, thousands of kids were able to perform their own skits on the stage, ask the cast of Hamilton questions, and take in the performance.

The New York Daily News reported that both students and lucky educators who witnessed the show had an unforgettable experience. 

"Our students are living history at the theater through this transformative and powerful experience," Fariña told the Daily News. "This musical will impact the lives of thousands of students."


Students were similarly amazed by the production. Lee Dylan, a junior at Fort Hamilton stated, "I'm such a big fan. As soon as we found out about it I began listening to the music and really fell in love with it." 

The $1.46 million "Hamilton" educational program is set to include nearly 20,000 city kids by 2018, with the next batch of students slated to view the musical in May. We're just tryin' to go. Like, can we be an honorary high schooler for a day?

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[via The Daily News] [Feature Image Courtesy LaughterKey]