Attention winos, cheesemongers, and spelunkers: this Saturday, April 1st, is your day.

Crown Heights' very own Crown Finish Caves is opening its catacombs— I mean crypt— I mean, 19th century tunneled caves. 

The company is housed in the building formerly known as Nassau, and uses the tunnels found to contain the ageless conditions perfect for aging cheese. 

What does that mean, aspiring cheesemongers? Well, the tunnels are 50 degrees all year long and were once used by brewers to transform moldy milk into sweet, sweet cheese.

Man, TimeOut NY really cut the cheese on this one. So— thanks, I think. 

If any of that sounds appealing, or if you want to sneak in a trowel and dig for lost cheese, this is your only opportunity all year to get in. 

This Saturday only, Crown Finish Caves is putting on a wine and cheese tasting, and the event's proceeds will even go to benefit the Maple Street School in the neighborhood. 


Tickets are $70, which sounds kinda high at first glance, but consider the underground exploration involved. Scratch your history itch and graze on the delicious while you do it. 


Crown Finish Caves is located at 925 Bergen St.

[Feature Image Courtesy Digg] [via TimeOut NY]