Anyway, if this study is to believed, drinking a glass of red is actually good for weight loss. We're inclined to believe the Harvard scientists. 

Not that health concerns have ever stopped us from putting away a bottle in one sitting every once in a while (um, how could you not, during this election cycle).  

Anyway, don't we all get a little basic around rosé? Can anyone help it? It's so pink and sweet and okay, we'll stop now.

But NGL, it's basically impossible not to squeal with the cuteness of Sanrio and Italy's Torti Winery's collaboration– six wine variants all inspired by the Japanese mascot, Hello Kitty.

The prices and purchase options haven't been revealed yet but the names of the collection are Rosé, Rosé Collection, Sweet Pink, Cupido, Charmy, and Lady– check out their website for details on each, including the type of grape and the preferred serving temperature.

We don't know if we've ever taken the temperature for a glass of wine ever, but it's nice to know.

Like we said, we don't really know how available this wine is going to be, but as reported by Refinery29, Antonello restaurant in California is selling the rosé and white wines by the glass. Let's hope they go bi-coastal.

But can we pause on that for a sec?


Is it even worth it to get this wine by the glass? Because, chances are, your server will just bring you the glass, and you'll completely miss out on the kawaii packaging. 

And what's the point of that? 


via TortiWinePinotNero

Like, yeah, we're sure it tastes good and all but when it comes down to it, it's wine and we've all put away our fair share of nasty Two Buck Shuck from Trader Joe's, so we're not exactly connoisseurs.

We all know the real reason to indulge in Hello Kitty branded wines and it's definitely not mouthfeel.

[via Refinery29] [Feature Image Courtesy TortiWinePinotNero]