They always say if you want to live your dream move to New York. So you move here, get the job of your dreams, and now you're getting charged for your garbage to be picked up.

What the f*ck! I'm sure who ever told you to move here never mentioned that part.

The Department of Sanitation is in the process of teaming up with a Michigan-based firm to try to develop a new program called "Save as you Throw." 

Don't be shocked, this is technically for a good cause. 

"Save as you Throw" is a tactic that will be used to get New Yorkers to separate recycling and organic items from generic waste, or else you will charged with a fee. 

We should honestly be ashamed of ourselves, since as a whole our recycling rate is almost 17%. Now they're planning on charging us for not separating our cans from our waste.

Nice going, fam.


Recycling the proper items will reduce what's actually being thrown away, making less garbage for the city. 

Nothing has been finalized yet, but we're warning you now, so start recycling before you get a fee. 


Let's at least try and keep this planet as clean as possible.

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