People always say, "Be yourself," but some people really just shouldn't. 

Take one woman for example, who can be heard on a recording with 911 complaining about being delivered the wrong pizza. 

To be fair, they were only half wrong. 

After ordering a half-cheese, half-bacon pizza from Empire Pizza in Hartford, CT, the woman received a half-cheese, half-hamburger pie-- and after promptly eating half of it-- she decided to call 9-1-1 for backup because Empire refused to make amends. 

Nobody's debating the horrid nature of subbing bacon for hamburger, and yes, this is a bigger problem than many police dedicate their time to... but it's not a real emergency.

You've definitely got to give the dispatcher props for patience here for handling the woman's, known only as Ashley, demand for pizza justice. 

The dispatcher smoothly suggested a strange solution to the problem by having the woman go down to the shop itself and having an officer there to meet her and address the issue directly. 


Of course, this is where we have to be careful by saying that while 9-1-1 dispatchers deserve more credit for deftly maneuvering any and all emergency calls, they shouldn't have to deal with pizza bullsh*t. 

"Many of the calls are life threatening, but you can imagine how stressful it gets when we field a call that obviously isn't and it's something is very minor," said Clayton Northgraves, Director of Emergency Services and City Communication for the city of Hartford.

"It does get very frustrating for the dispatchers but they do handle each call professionally."

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[via Grub Street]