Another Whole Foods!!!! WOW!!!!

Except this one isn't in your usually suspected spots like FiDi or Upper West Side. 

Naw fam, this one's in Harlem. We understand why locals would be less than thrilled, but nonetheless, it could be a super dope opportunity for local vendors to sell their badass, homemade goodies. 

According to the Gothamist, a new Whole Foods is opening up on 125th and Lenox Ave this July 21st. 

It will sell your typical bougie grocery items, along with some authentic homemade pies, West African soups, Jamaican-inspired bottled drinks, and more. 

And while this sounds super awesome, locals selling their products en mass, is it ethical? 

I know, big question. But is a Whole Foods necessary in Harlem? 


I'm not sure if I have the right answer, or if there even is a right answer. I just know it's a question worth asking. 

So if you support Whole Foods, dope. It's not a sh*thole. 

But if you're going to shop at this new WF in Harlem, at the very least, buy some of the new locally featured items and support your community workers. 

They're probably better than most brand name sh*t anyway.

[Feature Image Courtesy DNAinfo] [via Gothamist] 

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