If you're feeling down and out about all the paychecks you've been dropping this month eating out, have no fear. You're not alone. We're all too familiar with the feeling of doom when we discover that a miniature slider just cost us our first unborn child.

That's New York City for ya!

Lucky for you, that's where Maurice "Mo" Robinson comes in. 

A Harlem resident and all around delightful human, Mo's been serving up delicious $2 burgers, hot dogs, and sausages on his street corner since 1990.

"I come before the line gets too long," Stephanie Martinez, a local patron of Mo's burgers says on the corner of Lenox Avenue between 117th and 118th streets in Harlem. 


Originally a fruit punch stand, Mo's business evolved over time, moving from a small cooler of punch to a registered cart, sizzling grill, and open seven days a week, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The neighborhood has changed too, as Robinson has experienced rising property taxes and expensive business takeovers. 

He won't be leaving anytime soon, though. "I like what I do. It keeps me busy and it keeps me out of trouble," the 57-year old says of his off-the-grid burger flipping business. 

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Mo and his burgers are pivotal to the local culture and community of Harlem. Despite the gentrifying area, Mo remains true to his neighbors. His cheeseburgers will always be $2 and his hot dogs $1.50.

You won't find Mo's Burgers on Facebook or Yelp (we respect that) so the next time you're in Harlem on Lenox Ave, look for the Mo's sign with "100% beef" written on it. 

It's definitely worth the wait.

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