It's happening again New York City. Here's another moment for you to lament your current way-too-high rent, and think about applying for a different one.

Which different one should you apply for? 

Well, starting today, applications will open for a $641 a month apartment in Central Harlem.

The building is located at 260 West 153rd Street, and was built by L&M Development.

There are 51 apartments in the building, and 34 of these are set aside for affordable housing.

Let us lay it out for you like we're so good at doing. There are four studios available in the building, and these will rent for $641 a month. You can apply if you earn between $23,349 and $30,250.

For one bedrooms, there are 20 units available for $690 a month. If you're applying solo, you're eligible if you earn between $25,063. If you're applying with another person, you're eligible if collectively you earn between $25,063 and $34,550.


There are 10 two-bedroom units available in the building, and these will go for $836 a month.

If you're two people applying, collectively you have to earn between $30,103 and $34,550. If you're three people, you have to earn between $30,103 and $38,850.

Then, if you're four people applying, you have to earn between $30,103 and $43,150.


Applications must be submitted by April 12th, so get on it. Paying this little in rent sounds amazing and if you qualify, you might as well go for it, right?

You can check out the application online at, and we hope the force is with you.


Via New York Yimby

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