History tends to repeat itself, doesn’t it? Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But we are all guilty of wanting a throwback from the past.

So what’s the throwback we’re talking about? Flared jeans? Lace tops? Well, we can tell you one thing. It’s lit. Real lit, because it’s a lamp drink.

We’re not kidding. The secret menu item is a lava lamp.

The Funkadelic is a trippy as fuck drink served in a mini-lava lamp that you can only get from The Honeywell.

Not too surprising since The Honeywell is a 70s-themed bar in Harlem.

And yes, it comes with LED lights to seal the disco aesthetic. Which we think is awesome, but how is it done and we know it's a drink and not the real thing? 

According to TimeOut NY, the bartenders use pebble ice and red wine ice cubes to mimic the "lava" effect as the wine slowly melts between the ice.


The cocktail also contains a mixture of dry vermouth, pisco, velvet falernum, citric acid and tonic water. And those who are in the know have been using their knowledge to slay us with their Instagram game.

Just….look at that flow! #lowkeyjealous


You can get a lava lamp at the groovy establishment on 3604 Broadway, New York. 

Just make sure to snap a pic!

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy Delish.com]