Happy Fry-Day! 7 Seriously Delish Places to Get Fries in NYC

There's a lot of instability in this world but one thing that'll never let you down (much like your best friend or pizza) are french fries.

Luckily for us, NYC is filled with restaurants that not only serve delicious varieties but specialize in them, too.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and fries are no exception.

So whether you want them waffled, loaded, or hand-cut, here are 7 spots in NYC with fries you need to try.

Every day can be Fry-day if you're seriously committed!

1. Pommes Frites (128 Macdougal Street)

Pommes Frites serves authentic Belgian fries and 30 different sauces in a cavern-like setting. You can try as many sauces as you want but be sure to test out the parmesan peppercorn or TLC sauce which is made with tequila, lime, and chipotle. 

There's not many seats, so get in line to order your cone and walk to nearby Washington Square Park to enjoy.

2. 375 Fries (124 Ludlow Street)


The third time is the charm at 375 Fries, which cooks their fries three times. Opt for a serving with one (or three) of their special sauces or try one of the loaded versions. 

There's the Banh Mi topped with sriracha mayo, spicy green sauce, pork, pickled carrot, cilantro, jalapeño, and an egg. Or order the Swedish poutine with meatballs, gravy, cheddar cheese curd, lingonberry jam, and parsley.

3. Bar á Frites (225 Liberty Street)


Inside Le District at Battery Park, you'll find Bar á Frites serving hand-cut fries with three signature combos including one made with beef bourguignon. Not only do they have beer on tap, but also Maille black truffle and chablis white wine mustard!

4. Cascabel's Taqueria (1556 2nd Avenue)


Sweet potato fries are usually not everyone's first choice but these could change your mind. These are topped with cotija cheese and crispy cilantro.

5. Mister Dips (111 North 12th Street – Brooklyn)


No list of fries to try would be complete without at least one recommendation for waffle fries. At Mister Dips, run out of an Airstream trailer in front of the William Vale hotel, try the Dirty Dipped Waffles shaken with spicy cheese and scallions.

6. Home Frite (1047 Bedford Avenue – Brooklyn)


Maybe don't try these while you're on a date, but the Dutch fries with curry ketchup, lemon garlic aioli, and diced onion are worth a trip to Home Frite.

7. Burger Club (32-02 30th Avenue – Astoria)

These fries will stick to your....ribs (Sorry, I had to). At Burger Club, try the braised short ribs fries topped with melted cheese and shredded – you guessed it – short ribs. 

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