The home to some of the city's most haunting artifacts is set to close.

At JFK Airport there is a hangar that houses something you wouldn't expect an airport to have. At Hangar 17 you will find relics of the most tragic day in New York City history.

For 14 years, Hangar 17 has been the home to over 2,000 artifacts in storage from the 9/11 attacks. Now just down to less than 50 artifacts, the Port Authority is set to close the hangar this summer.

Many of the items went to establishments such as the National September 11 Memorial Museum, along with the New York State Museum.

Without Hangar 17, the National September 11 Memorial Museum would not have many of its artifacts. 

The Port Authority gave over 400 objects to the museum.

Patrick J. Foye, the executive director of the Port Authority extended the program so that each and every last item may find a home. 


The last items include a mannequin hand wearing a satin glove, a 35,000 pound elevator motor and a Wile E. Coyote polo shirt.

Hangar 17 showed us the need that New Yorkers have to preserve the past. No matter how small an artifact is, it still tells a much bigger story; a story that we promised ourselves we will never forget and Hangar 17 made sure of that.


via The New York Times

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[via The New York Times] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]