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If You're Going to the Hamptons This Summer, Why Not Get There in Style... on a Private Plane

It's finally summertime in New York City!

It's a wonderful time of year: The sights, the sounds, the smell of hot garbage, the sight of gangly tourists checking out the sights, the sounds of real New Yorkers berating said gangly tourists for being, well, tourists. 

Yeah, it's right about that time to get the hell out of here. Yeah, for the most part, summer in NYC really means all we want to do is jet off to beautiful locations like the Hamptons and spend our days enjoying the sunshine. 

We would prefer to do this on a private jet, but because we are not a Kardashian, this isn't exactly a possibility.

But this summer, Magnises just might be able to make all your vacation dreams come true. 

Magnises knows just how awful those buses to the Hamptons are. If you've ever taken the bus, then you already know what we're talking about. Like, we were raised on Sex and the City

But it's like Magnises talked to Carrie Bradshaw and transmitted all of her most valuable Sex and the City teachings directly to our souls. #Grateful

If you didn't already know, Magnises is an inclusive community that delivers exclusive experiences designed to enhance your network and unlock all the city has to offer. 

It doesn’t just open doors – it brings you in through the kitchen, showing you a side of the city that you’ve always been told you're going to have to wait to see.

More than just a card, membership includes ‘Magnises NOW‘, an on-demand concierge service. It’s like having a personal assistant in the palm of your hand, providing dining and nightlife suggestions, making reservations and answering any questions about your membership.

Until now, any new member who applied (and was accepted) through September 30th, 2016 could receive 2 free flights on an SR-22 to the Hamptons, departing from Teterboro to East Hampton. 


Well (again), until now that is. Magnises is officially out of those flights. If you applied to become a Magnises member, were accepted, and you activated your membership, you could have either redeemed one round-trip flight for 1, or one one-way flight for 2. 

Fear not, friends! Fret not, worry not, cry no more, and just, generally speaking, keep calm. 

While this specific perk was a limited offering, the many great and splendid things (read: absurdly spectacular, otherworldly benefits you had no idea were even possible) Magnises does on the reg are always possible with a Magnises membership. 

You never know what they're up to... if you're not a member, so join Magnises today and get ready to experience life like you never have before. 

Unlock the Best of What NYC Has to Offer! Apply for Magnises Membership Right Here.

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