We cannot tell a lie. Guacamole is one of the ultimate foods. If it were a movie, it would be something that brings people together, like Toy Story.

And NYC’s about to get an extra helping of deliciousness.

Guac (because what else would you call it?) opens this week with a menu centered around, you guessed it, guacamole.

Time Out reports that NYC’s getting a guacamole-themed restaurant, and more importantly, it’s opening on National Guacamole Day.

Wait-a-minute, hang on– we need a moment to let this sink in. Friday is National Guacamole Day. Oh, snap! Well, now we’re definitely stocking up on chips for the big day.

GUAC Tacos and Tequila (the official name) has 11 varieties of our favorite appetizer ever, not to mention some traditional Mexican noms and (obviously) tacos and tequila.

The variety has our mouths watering.


We’ve heard about three selections of tacos: steak (yum), shrimp (double yum), and cactus (uh, yum? We hope.). We’ve also heard that for the more indecisive guacamole fan, there’s the three-guac sampler so you can get the most bang for your buck.

But we’ll be taking off early and heading to 179 Avenue B on Friday to sample their ten tequilas. Is there a three-tequila sampler? Please make this a thing if it’s not already.

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]