Did you hear that today is Groundhog Day? Well, it is, and we've got the results right here for you.

What happened to Punxsutawney Phil? He saw no shadow. What happened to Staten Island Chuck? He saw no shadow, either.

What does all this "no shadow" stuff mean? 

It means the best news in the whole world, news so good we want to scream in delight: Spring will be coming early this year.

According to NBC, Mayor de Blasio sadly missed the Tuesday morning Groundhog Day ceremony. Apparently, he was busy campaigning for Hilary Clinton in Iowa.

Which makes us wonder: where are your priorities de Blasio? Do you care about groundhogs less than the next president of the United States? How? Why?

Actually, if that's the case, that's fine. We're cool with that. Especially since de Blasio dropped the groundhog in 2014, and that groundhog died a few months later.


Anyway, aside from the nearly record-breaking Snowstorm Jonas, it's been a fairly mild winter. We had one of the hottest Novembers in NYC's history, all due to the climate cycle El Nino.

So, we're not that surprised that Punxsutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck are in agreement on this one. Spring will come early, and there will be Cherry Blossom Trees and lots of sunbathing beside the rivers in NYC's parks.


Last year, Phil and Chuck disagreed, which was awkward. Chuck said there would be an early spring, while Phil predicted six more weeks of winter.

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Which drags up the obvious question regarding Groundhog Day; the groundhog ceremony is cute, but it isn't really scientifically accurate, you know? 

But you know what's both cute and scientifically accurate? An orange cat in a yellow raincoat called Poncho. It's the weather service that keeps you updated from the moment you wake up to the second before you leave the office with delightful morning alarms, clever gifs, and emojis. 

And they just launched a new app. Download the Poncho app here

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[via NBC] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]