Happy Halloween!

If you haven't experienced a New York City Halloween, hopefully you've got a costume ready to head down to Greenwich Village later (this is also your warning and reminder that the Village is going a sh*tshow tonight).

Love it or hate it, the Village Halloween Parade is an over 40-year-old tradition here in NYC.

6th Avenue will be flooded with thousands of New Yorkers partying it up at this public, freeee party you can always count on to be seriously wild.

If you're looking to march in the parade, line up at 6th Avenue and Canal Street at 6:30 p.m. The parade will officially start at 7 p.m. Don't forget, you have to be in costume! No really, you actually have to be wearing a costume or they don't let you join. 

As reported by Time Out, this year's theme is "Reverie." ...Um, okay?

To elaborate, representatives from the parade have stated, “One thinks of Halloween as a chance to fantasize, but more than anything Halloween lets us realize, allowing us to play ourselves, leaving the remainder of the year for sleepwalking."

"We are hopeful folks will create a Halloween costume that at once expresses and feeds their soul. So this year we celebrate Reverie, inviting one and all to recreate their waking dreams.”


We're not sure if that cleared up very much but just go with it. You can check out the full details of attending and participating at their official website.

Besides the reveling New Yorkers, the parade will also be filled with 53 live bands, dancers of all styles, and a sh*tton of puppets.

After the parade, which winds down at 9 p.m., the 21+ crowd can head to Webster Hall, which is the parade's official night club. The best costume will be win $5,000 around midnight.


Now if you're not looking to join the fun but still have to navigate the Village (god bless), you should still probably get a sense of the parade's trajectory, although we're pretty sure there's no way to completely avoid it. 

As reported by Curbed NY, here's the official route: 


Sixth Avenue between Spring and Canal streets

Dominic Street between Varick Street and Sixth Avenue

Sullivan Street between Sixth Avenue and Spring Street

Broome Street between Sullivan and Varick streets

Spring Street between Varick Street and Sixth Avenue


West 16th Street between Fifth and Seventh avenues

West 17th Street between Fifth and Seventh avenues

West 18th Street between Fifth and Seventh avenues

Sixth Avenue between West 16th and West 18th streets

For the rest of you, hopefully you've already got a dope costume lined up! Just remember, don't be a d*ck.

[via TimeOut NY] [Feature Image Courtesy NewYork.com]