Oooh, attention all Ghost-hunter-busters in NYC! This upcoming event is your chance to drink with ghosts in an old, rustic bar. You in? 

Let's be a bit clearer though; ghosts are real and because they are so present in our daily lives, the Brooklyn Paranormal Society is coming together to hunt some down. 

Tonight at 7 p.m., the West Wine Bar in Greenpoint, Brooklyn will have a pretty serious ghost hunt. And they need back-up from you, NYC. 

But don't take this as a joke. This event is only happening because the Paranormal group got a tip from someone regarding the potential of ghosts moving around at West Wine Bar. And it's serious. 

If you're hooked and adamantly believe in the paranormal existence among us, then you will probably thoroughly enjoy this event. 


What to look out for? Just some floor creaking, offset moaning, and eerie ANYTHING else, because ghosts. 

Oh, and don't worry. Since this is a bar, and this is a super special event, there will absolutely be a happy hour for the duration of the ghost hunt. 


So if you plan on coming, be real. You might be scared sh*tless by whatever is haunting this bar, but that's ok. It's a bar. You'll be fine. 

Enjoy the evening and be safe, friends!

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