Cava. GRK. And now, Souvla. It’s all Greek to us.

But one thing that’s not lost in translation? How delicious these modern Mediterranean-inspired joints are.

Souvla, the San Francisco-based Greek-inspired wrap spot specializing in pita-wrapped souvlaki, spit-roasted meats and seasoned veggies is coming to NYC!

Dubbed "the Chipotle of Greek food," Souvla is launching a two-day delivery-only pop-up. Today, October 19 and tomorrow, October 20 you can order in lunch and dinner from anywhere in Manhattan.


It’s the latest in a string of new Greek fast-casual restaurants to hit NYC. Like Chipotle, these spots have a wide array of food behind a glassed counter and customers select their ingredients to create a wrap, salad or grain bowl. There is seating available for patrons to leisurely indulge but many simply grab their meal and go.

D.C.-based Mediterranean spot Cava recently debuted its third location in NYC. Another quick-serve Greek restaurant, GRK, has expanded its NYC offerings since January. NYC-based EONS Greek is also thriving, even expanding into parts of New Jersey.


So why the growing popularity of Greek fast-casual? Mostly, it’s changing eating habits.

New Yorkers and millennials, in particular, are ordering in and taking out more meals than ever. In general, fast-casual concept restaurants (and especially salad bars) are enjoying a renaissance -- last year, fast-casual restaurants performed better than any other food service segment.

Combined with the shift towards consuming healthier food, lighter Mediterranean fare is a natural fit. It’s billed as better quality fare that is better for you. However, take these claims with a grain of salt because, don’t forget, even Chipotle claims to be healthy (maybe compared to Taco Bell).

So get in on the trend by ordering Souvla today or tomorrow – it’s 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for lunch and 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. for dinner. 

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