Android users have felt left out for years now. 

Whether it's showing up late to the party when it comes to apps, not being able to text people through their computers, or never knowing the sheer glory of watching their parents fail miserably at FaceTime, it's hard out there for us Android users.

They've been relegated to the realms of Skype and Snapchat video. But someone’s looking out for us Android users (editor's note: I've got the world's smallest violin playing a song just for you, but it's, uh, only an iOs app...).

Google has now come out with a mobile app called Duo: a video-calling app that is the new FaceTime alternative.

While Apple’s FaceTime only allows you to connect with other iPhone users, Duo gives all smartphone users to connect with all other smartphone users. As it should be.

The main reason for Duo is to allow users to connect with their entire mobile universe, instead of just the select few which Apple has essentially hand selected for you.

Google said in a statement that “You shouldn’t have to worry about whether your call will connect, or if your friend is using the same type of device as you are”, including that “it’s no wonder that nearly half of U.S. adults never make video calls on mobile”.

A secondary and expected motive for creating such an app lies with Google’s desire to bring iPhone users over to the Android side.

Winning over smartphone users, one app at a time.


Keeping it simple and sweet, as always, Google Duo features a video call button, and that’s it. When you click the video button, the app opens up your contact list, and all you have to do is choose who you want to call.

A cool feature it comes with is called “Knock Knock," where the recipient can see you waving or blowing kisses before he or she actually answers the call. This way callers can decide if they want those kisses or not.


The app will work the same way for both Android and iPhone users, with one minor difference. The Knock Knock feature will appear on an Android phone immediately, whereas iPhone users will have to open a little notification tab before their Knock Knock feature shows up.

But that’s something we can live with. Download Duo right here, Android users (editor's note: welcome to the motherf*cking club, y'all... almost).

[via NY Times] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]