Looking to take an exotic vacation sometime soon? Look no further.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is offering folks the chance to have a completely unobstructed, one of a kind, view of the Northern Lights.

The resort, located in Finland, allows guests to stay in heat controlled "igloos."

If you're looking for an authentic igloo experience, you may have to keep searching, because these igloos are made out of glass instead of ice.

But we're definitely not complaining. According to Thrillist, the thermal glass making up these igloos keep its occupants from freezing in the -40 degree weather of the Finnish Lapland.

One of these igloos will run you $455/night, and they're only available from August 20th to the end of April, as those are the only months when the Northern Lights are visible.

The igloos come in two and four person options, along with access to other igloo amenities, such as the glass igloo bar and restaurant, and the world's largest smoke sauna.

The resort offers a variety of other housing options, if hanging in an igloo isn't really your thing.


You could choose to stay in a log cabin, which comes complete with a glass dome porch for all of your Northern Lights viewing needs, or even an actual snow igloo, because vacation is the time to be adventurous.

When you're doing viewing Mother Nature's marvels, you'll be able to take part in a variety of daytime winter activities, which'll give you a nice break from our current heat wave.


You can go dog-sledding, ice fishing, and even go on a reindeer safari and visit Santa's house! 

Pack up your parka and Christmas wish list, and get ready to head to Finland.

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