Remember all those great times you waited for your friend on that coffee/tea outing and they A) never showed B) showed up super late or C) had to leave after fifteen minutes, but didn’t tell you until they got there?

We feel your pain. 

But now, that unlimited coffee/tea deal that’s been diner-famous could become cafe-famous.

Brooklyn just said "Oh hai!" to Glass Hour, the America's first pay-per-minute cafe.

Time Out reported that the Brooklyn-based cafe has exported a rising trend in European consumerism by charging by the hour rather than the cup.

Glass Hour, located at 63 Skillman Avenue, charges three bucks per hour, but the most money you’ll spend there is for the first four hours.

After that, it seems the drinks are on them.

There’s a ton of activities at the cafe, and they’re down for hosting shindigs involving gaming (board or video), as well as books (they’ve got a collection from which you can borrow) and comfy couches.


Better get to 63 Skillman Avenue fast though, because we have a feeling those comfy couches will go fast.

Also, we call ‘dibs’ on said comfy couches. 

[via Time Out] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]