If you didn't know already, it's poppin' all along the Hudson River. Like this Oktoberfest cruise. And our own 3-hour open bar Sunset Sail

But apparently, we haven't seen nothin' yet.

An all-glass restaurant that's suspended in mid-air, because why the f*ck not, has been planned at the site of the former Glenwood Power Plant, in Yonkers.

Planned might be too optimistic, rendered is a little more honest. TBH, check out the plans and you'll probably agree that while undeniably awesome, this would be an insane feat to accomplish.

TimeOut reports that the property, which was opened in 1906 to generate Grand Central Station's trains' electricity has been vacant for 50 years until it was bought by developer Lela Goren. 

The game plan was to transform it into a conference, event, and performance venue called wait-for-it, The Plant.

The restaurant, which will be part of the space, would be a 40x48 glass cube that sits between the twin smokestacks of the original power plant, which looms high above the Hudson. 

You should probably sit this one out if you're afraid of heights, yeah?


Since the whole thing is supposed to be glass, which includes walls, ceilings, and floors, but nobody likes looking at the interior of a kitchen in a restaurant, the kitchen is planned to be inside a smaller cube within the main cube but covered in shrubbery.

The plans seat a total of 46 diners and just saying, we would def take the ride up the Hudson to be one of them, if this place got built.

Here are the renderings below. Sick, right?

[via TimeOut] [Feature Image Courtesy TimeOut]