Guys. National Dog Day is next weekend.

As if we don’t love dogs an uncomfortable amount already, August 26th is the day we can loudly and unashamedly “DAAAWWW” at doggy passers-by. 


In honor of National Dog Day, Gilt, the famous online shopping outlet that brought us those insane Uber commuter passes, is hosting the"Dog Days of Summer” event where you can shop for clothes, accessories, and puppies.

As reported by Observer, the flash-sale site is providing free adoption in New York City, and you can start thinking about which bundle of cute you want to pick up with your new wardrobe.

Puppies are definitely better than a new wardrobe though, so go adopt one even if you’re not in the mood (or market) to shop.

During the week of August 26th, Gilt will pay for all fees and expenses if you adopt one of these precious pups. 

The catch? You have to be one of the first 20 approved puppy adopters at the puppy party hosted with the North Shore Animal League America.


Stop by the Gilt shop at Saks OFF 5th uptown to meet your new best friend.


Even if you can’t take on the canine commitment, you can stop by and keep the puppies company until someone does!

[via Observer] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]