GUYS! It’s back!! 

If you're out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold... All you have to do is call their name, and they'll be there, on the next train...

Yep, Gilmore Girls is coming to Netflix this November, and it’s looking a lot better than Fuller House.

The show will release on November 25th at 3 a.m., so when you’re eating your Thanksgiving leftovers as a midnight snack, you can eat along to your second favorite comfort with Lorelai and Rori (with the first comfort obviously being food).

Because, well, they’re also always eating.

Apart from updated pop-culture references to since-newcomers like Amy Schumer and John Oliver, their fast-paced and absurd conversations haven’t changed a bit. You'll find your own train of thought jumbling to match theirs in no time.  

The comeback will release as four 90-minute episodes, each dedicated to a different season.

Watch the trailer below, and let yourself travel to a better time…


[via Laist] [Feature Image Courtesy Instagram]