Gifts That Keep on Giving: 6 Incredible Gift Ideas That Are Delivered Right to Your Door, Each and Every Month

Leaving your apartment is lame. So why do it? Especially when there are incredible services that will bring a product right to your door. Every month.

Unless you've been hibernating under a rock, you probably know the holidays are coming, and they're coming sooner than we think. Our thought was that you could use these excellent products to treat someone you love to some holiday cheer.

Or, you could always buy subscriptions to these stellar products for, you know, yourself.

So how about it? There's a subscription service that will curate deliciously healthy meals for you, and bring you the perfect amount of ingredients with recipes every week. There's a subscription service that will print your camera roll into a beautiful monthly magazine.

There's a subscription service that will curate your vinyl taste and send you a record made exclusively for its members. There's a subscription service to buy something special for just about everyone you love this holiday season. Read on to find out what they are.

1. Recently

getrecently Look what came in the mail #recently 50 gorgeous photos on @mohawkpaper #portrait in @getrecently #Recently #getRecently

You know the drill. You have your iPhone, and you take a ton of pictures on that iPhone. You're practically an amateur photographer at this point.

Then, what do you do with those gorgeous pictures you snapped? Odds are, you peruse them on your phone, you post two or three to Facebook, and then you wind up deleting them to free up memory space on your phone.

Recently will change all that. They print your camera roll in a stunning monthly magazine for only $8.99 per month. 


When you open the app, it displays a grid of your 100 most recent photos. You don't need to select or edit, but it's easy to do so if you do want to. Then you just tap publish. A gorgeous magazine will be printed and mailed within the first week of the next month.

If you want to gift a Recently subscription, it's easy. You can send a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to someone you love. Are you enticed? So are we. Get it here.

2. Cocktail Courier

cocktailcourier House Call. #cocktailcourier #mixology #drinkoftheday

Do you love hosting parties? Are you a mixologist expert, stirring up delicious drinks in your apartment, slinging those drinks off to all your guests every weekend?

We're with you. We love when we're entertaining company and they gush over our mixing skills. We also love when we have the means to whip up delectable, strong, well-made cocktails for ourselves.

If you purchase a subscription to Cocktail Courier, you'll get a well-crafted gift to your front door every month. It'll be a box, and it'll contain all ingredients for 4-12 expertly curated cocktails.

How do they choose the cocktails? It's simple. They hit up award-winning recipes from top professional bartenders from around the country. Their cocktail lists change every month. 

Some months it's whiskey, the next month it's tequila, rum, or gin, and then maybe the next month it'll be vodka. We figured that'd tempt you. Buy a subscription for yourself, or buy a subscription for someone you love. Get it here.

3. Bevel

bevel Bevel Family • "Bevel was the first shaving system made for men like me." // Shout out to the Warrior's @hbarnes for rocking with the best 🙌🏾 #bevelworks

Bevel has revolutionized shaving for men with curly hair. Are you such a man? Are you shopping for such a man?

Cure your own shaving woes, or the shaving woes of someone you love this holiday season. With Bevel, your first shipment will include a complimentary Bevel Razor, a Bevel Badger Brush, plus a 3-month supply of Bevel Priming Oil, Bevel Shave Cream, Bevel Restoring Balm, and 60 Bevel Blades.

They've also got a pretty excellent 30-day money back guarantee. They're so sure you'll love the razor, brush, shaving cream, priming oil and restoring balm that if at any point during your first 30 days you're not totally wild about them, you can have all of your money back.


It's also excellent to join Bevel because membership includes one-on-one consultation video or phone calls with their team whenever you need help. If you travel, they'll send blades to your destination for no extra charge.

Plus, their 3-month supply is shipped every three months, so remembering to go shopping for razors is over. Bevel will remember for you.

They also have a gift order form for one-time holiday purchases. Check it out here.


4. Blue Apron

blueapron We've got a trick for shaping meatloaf that doesn't involve the perfectly sized pan. Find it through the link in our bio!

You know that, in the long run, health is more important than convenience, right? Of course you do. We all know this. 

Still, we all know the struggle of passing a dollar slice pizza joint on the street, and then stopping to buy that dollar slice because it's dinner time and you don't have time to shop and cook.

Guess what, NYC? Blue Apron has the solution. Blue Apron makes healthy food convenient.


They provide you with all the ingredients to make a fresh meal in exactly the right proportions. Enough with grocery shopping hoping to plan out your meals for the week. Blue Apron chooses your meals for you, and delivers fresh ingredients and recipes to your home weekly.

So now you'll be able to discover exciting, seasonal recipes curated by their culinary team and guest chefs. They never repeat recipes in the same year. Their meals take about 35 minutes to prepare, and the ingredients are pre-measured so you won't waste anything.

Ingredients arrive in a refrigerated box, so they'll stay fresh even if you aren't home. Basically, it's everything we've been dreaming about. Join here.

5. Vinyl Me, Please

vinylmeplease The Holidays Sound Better on Vinyl! BUY VMP GIFT MEMBERSHIPS: #vinyl #vinylme #vinyligclub #vinylmeplease #nowspinning #gift #holiday #music

Do you love music? If you have a soul, you probably responded, "Of course." So buying a subscription for yourself or your favorite music lover this holiday season is the most caring, thoughtful move we could come up with.

Inside a Vinyl Me, Please box is a featured, LP pressed record, exclusively for members. It also comes with a cocktail pairing recipe, so you can sip on the perfect cocktail while you listen to the album for the ultimate, multi-sensory experience.


You'll also get an original art print, inspired by the album, on heavy cardstock.

Joining Vinyl Me, Please means getting one of these boxes every month. It means discovering amazing albums and building your vinyl collection.

Why not thrill the music lover in your life today? Yes, the music lover in your life is allowed to be yourself. Get it here.

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