We're all about immersive experiences, especially when it comes to our favorite movies. 

Luckily, New York City is home to some of the most epic, entertainment-inspired establishments, like Beetle House, a bar where we get to hang out with our favorite characters from Beetlejuice  (it's freaking awesome.). 

And now, for a limited time in June, Ghostbusters is coming back to life in the form of an incredible interactive fan experience. 

If we weren't already pumped about the new Ghostbusters movie, we certainly are now. 

BBQ Films, an event production company, is currently transforming a Brooklyn space at 50 North 3rd Street into the firehouse headquarters seen in the original 1984 film. 

Gabriel Rhoads, a representative of BBQ Films, says, "While we're taking the Firehouse HQ as the main theme (we're installing it in an all-brick warehouse with a Firehouse feel), we didn't want to limit ourselves... 

We're working to recreate and explore several sets in this experience. We've also teamed up with Sony Pictures, which means fans can expect to see film props integrated into the transportive cinematic environments BBQ Films has come to be known for."

Guests will also be able to assist in saving NYC from a "ghost takeover," in addition to getting to interact with live Ghostbusters characters.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

But it's only going down for three days-- June 8th through June 10th-- so make sure you catch it while you can. Grab your tickets here, and keep your eyes peeled for Bill Murray. You never know, right? 

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[via Atlas Obscura]