Showtime is totally messing with Twin Peaks fans to get them even more hyped for the '90s drama's return.

The channel is really enjoying this by releasing tons of teasers and trailers.

Showtime also teamed up with Flavorpill and BBQ Films to host A Tribute to Twin Peaks. The interactive event brought die-hard fans to the town of Twin Peaks at Brooklyn Bazaar this past Tuesday night.

Now, Showtime is vamping up its ad campaign for the show just ahead of its May 21st premiere.

According to Gothamist, Showtime has teamed up with the MTA to release a special edition MetroCard featuring either Laura Palmer or Agent Cooper.

You can pick up your Twin Peaks MetroCard at select stations: 

Bedford Ave.

York St.

Metropolitan Ave.

Bergen St.

W4 St.

Astor Pl.

14th St. 8th


2nd Ave.

50 St. Broadway and 50 St. 8th. 


Expect to wait in even longer lines just to purchase these coveted MetroCards. Remember when MTA released the Supreme MetroCards in February? Yeah, expect the same craziness and big markups on eBay. 

These Twin Peaks MetroCards are way cooler anyway, so it's totally worth the buy. Here are some tips to snag your own Twin Peaks MetroCard: 

1. Try to purchase the new cards during off-peak hours. Seriously, avoid rush hour.

Less people using the subway stations and the machines will give you a better chance of getting one. You'll also have less of a chance of being late for work just to pick up the card.

2. Ask for the cards at the subway station's booth if an agent is there. The line might also be shorter, and there's more of a chance they're in stock there if the machine runs out.

3. If all else fails, bribery is your best bet. Don't even bother going on eBay. The site will have ridiculous markups that aren't even worth it.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Gothamist]