As if you needed another reason to down some chocolate-y goodness this Fall, here's one more, and let's be honest, no one's complaining. 

Watch out, Max Brenner's, because a new chocolate hotspot is set to take over the Union Square area.

A Nutella Café is set to open next year in the Greenwich Village. 2,200 glorious feet of cafe and coffee bar completely dedicated to your favorite Italian hazelnut-cocoa spread.

The café will welcome chocolate fanatics at 116 University Place at 13th Street in the base of a condo development. Hope the residents don't mind a few lines around the block!

Though there have been plenty of pop-ups, and the cult fave Nutella Bar in Eataly Flatiron, this new café will be NYC's first-ever permanent stand-alone store to feature the chocolate-y spread. The first Nutella Café opened in Chicago last year and was a massive hit.


The café will feature Nutella-themed food and drinks, including crepes, croissants, waffles, pancakes, and French toast all drizzled with the sweet spread, plus savory panini, soups and salads. 


It's time to take the spoon out of the jar and level up. Or, better yet, just save it for later.

[Feature Image Courtesy Instagram] [via Time Out]