Who wouldn't love an addition towards the already NYC traffic?

Let's face it, anything is better than taking the subway during the summer. 

There are parts of New York City–Staten Island and the Bronx for example–don’t have that option because the familiar blue bikes haven’t made it into their neighborhoods–yet. 

According to 6sqft, the plan is to add thousands of Citi Bikes throughout the five boroughs.

Let's get these lazy New Yorkers going this summer, riding Citi Bikes instead of the subway.

Parking will be even more harder to find in NYC, now that many parking meters will be removed in exchange for the Citi Bikes stations. This is a hint to leave your car wherever you parked it and rent a Citi Bike for the day!

The subway is always an option, but who wants to be burning up underground waiting for a train, in a dim lit tunnel, when you can enjoy the summer breeze while pedaling through NYC.


The project will take some time, the City Council isn't sure if Citi Bikes will gain profit from the rest of the boroughs. 

Which travel option are you going for this summer? 

[Feature Image Courtesy NYPost] [via 6ftsq]